10 Thriller Short Films That Are Worth Your Time.

People are shifting to long format web series which indicates the love for content people have these days. Since most of the web series released across the globe are thriller, mystery, and coming of age fiction, it drew my attention to the creators who have accomplished the same tone by making short movies.

Short movies are created with the purpose to tell you the crux of the story in the limited screen time. Many Indian creators have come out created impelling short films. I would highly recommend you to watch these 10 thrillers short films that worth your time.

1. Ahalya

Ahalya is an epic retold in a modern fashion. The 10 minutes short created by Sujoy Ghosh featured Radhika Apte in the lead role. The movie focuses on the police inspector’s quest for the person missing in the town.

He was confronted by a renowned artist who narrates him a mythical story. All the suspense bottled up to give something extra-ordinary at the end. Do watch this thriller short film as it is available on YouTube.

2. Chutney

You must have heard about the 17-minute short film Chutney as it is one of the most viewed short films on YouTube. The film is captivating storytelling which is a screen adaptation of the famous theatre play titled “Saag-Meat”.

The story follows the narrator “Tisca Chopra” who narrates someone the story of her family’s ordeals when giving them a subtle reference of how she used to live in Ghaziabad. For instance, the short film “Chutney” has 132 million views on YouTube.

3. Kriti

A short psychological thriller starring Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte, and Neha Sharma focuses on the unconscious mind of the person suffering from multiple personality disorder.

The short film is directed by Shirish Kunder. From the character’s name to the movie editing, everything resembles the formation of dreams and all these lead us to a twisted end.

4. Bombay Mirror

Shlok Sharma stole the show in just 3 minutes with his thought-provoking masterpiece short film titled “Bombay Mirror.” The short story opens up with a scene where a man visits a barbershop to get a shave.

It was established that they know each other very well, and something happens that leads to the end of their beautiful friendship. You better watch it. Just your precious 3 minutes.

5. Online Survey

Short films are the medium that allows small creators to make a big difference. Online Survey is also a physiological horror film that shows the events of a man who accidentally bumps into an Online Survey that would tell him his faith. Online Survey is a 5-minute short film that is a treat to horror fans.

6. Graveyard and the Madman

Graveyard and the Madman is a thought-provoking short film that will hook you till the end. The film starts with the scene where a wealthy man visits a grave. He meets a mad man there and connects with him.

He offered him food and then started telling him the story and events of his life. The 10-minute shorts is probably the thing that will stick to your brain for long.

7. Plus Minus

Little you know that the movie Plus Minus featuring Bhuvan Bam and Divya Dutta is a winner of the Filmfare Award 2019 in the People Choice category for the Best Short Film. The movie is about two strangers sharing each other’s perspectives during an overnight train journey.

Also, in the end, you will know a good piece of information that you might resist believing. All they want to say is every minus is half of the plus. Like literally.

8. The Deal

A short psychological thriller featuring Ahsas Channa is a retold of the horror tale where people end up making a deal with the devil. From the sound design to the acting the movie is a complete treat for fans who crave short thriller movies. Ahsas Channa proved that she is also capable of pulling such intense stuff as well apart from being Radhika Apte Junior.  

9. Tenth Race

Tenth Race featuring Pankaj Tripathi, Rahul Bagga is an intense thriller where 4 men plan a crime that is risky but safe if executed perfectly.

The movie is ranked 2nd best Indian short film on YouTube by GQ. Apart from the entertainment, it would serve as a filmmaking guide.

10. Shame

Shame is a short thriller featuring Ranvir Shorey and Swara Bhasker. The movie directed by Ahusha Bose follows the urge of a housekeeping lady to feel content with a luxurious lifestyle.

Ranvir Shorey is a businessman and his one trip changes everything for the worst.