15 photos that proves that we were already MET GALA ready in our 80s cinema!!

For west dressing for MET GALA and that too in weird outfits is very fascinating but we Indians have done it way before what they are doing now. Have a look:

Let’s start our MET GALA from our very own REKHA who surely deserves to be in the Gala. What do you think?

 Then comes our Mithun da do you anyone even today can beat his dress sense.

Don’t you think Amrita got ready for MET GALA way before?

Never underestimate our B-Town celebs they can easily turn anyone down, have a look at this metallic outfit by Govinda and Juhi.

Our very own SHRI DEVI was any way less than others, have a look.

Now look at Pooja Bhatt’s look that can perfectly give competition KIM’s look a Met Gala.

Our queens ruled before Kardashians came into this Business.

Who knew all looks of Helen ji will be MET GALA approved.