13 Unusual Habits of Bollywood Celebrities That Will Creep The Hell Out Of You!


They might be the greatest Bollywood actors, but they have a life too! As much as they try to keep their private life guarded, something here and there keeps leaking out revealing much about them. Here are some actors with their quirky sides which you might just not be aware of.

Keep reading to find out.. 

SRK has admitted in an interview that he takes off his footwear only once a day and sometimes even falls asleep with his shoes on.

Sunny Leone has an unsual habit of washing her feet repetitively. It’s something she can’t resist doing and apparently would leave the sets every 15 mins during the shooting of Jism 2 to go clean her feet.

Bebo cannot keep herself from biting her nails. All her efforts to maintain her nails have gone in vain and thus she’s forced to wear acrylic nails.

Salman Khan is obsessed with soaps! The actor has a huge collection of handmade and designer soaps. No wonder he is the best smelling man in Bollywood.

Strange as it may sound, but Aamir Khan doesn’t like to take a shower unless he’s stepping out or is on a holiday. He once even shaved off his head when a girl rejected him.

Sanju Baba is so fond of Gutkha that once he was even photographed chewing tobacco at an event for cancer prevention.

Big B wears two wrist watches at once. So every time Abhishek or Aishwarya are travelling, one watch is set to Indian Standard time and the other one is set as per their time zone.

Sushmita Sen doesn’t enjoy bathing within an enclosed space but rather prefers to take bath in wide open. That’s why her terrace boasts of a bathtub.

John Abraham feels restless if he doesn’t shake his legs, an act that annoys people around him.

Bobby Deol once revealed in an interview that he used to keep a block of wood in 8his bag so that he could touch it after almost every sentence while talking.

Just as we do with a cup of tea, Rani Mukherjee starts her morning with a puff. She smokes as soon as she gets up from her bed.

Just for self satisfaction, Kunal Kapoor leaves a bit of food on his plate after every meal.

Ex-Miss World Diana Hayden has the strangest habit of all. Whenever she drops some salt, she has to throw salt over her left shoulder. Still trying to find the logic?!