13 Roles Played By The Alia Bhatt’s Mom Soni Razdan

Hey Readers! Welcome back to Desi Humor. We have seen various civilians in Bollywood churning under the wheel of struggle and then there are some really amazing star kids. It is not always about nepotism. Sometimes beauty and talent are passed on as heredity.

We have remarkable instances of the mother-daughter duo who are awesome at their works. Be it Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan or Soni Razdaan and Alia Bhatt. 

Carrying on with our instance, this is a work about the very beautiful and equally talented actress Soni Razdaan. Soni gave various masterpieces of her art throughout her career. 

Here, we are recalling her incredible films and all the amazing roles Soni Razdaan gave to Bollywood. 

1. Saaransh

Saaransh gave Soni a chance to reveal her romantic side to the world through her acting. Her role was of Sujata Suman. The lady who displayed love and bravery in her story. She falls in love with the lead actor.

There were financial differences as the man was poor and the girl was rich. Society comes interfering but she stands tall against them and wins after facing all ups and downs. 

2. Khamosh

Khamosh is a tale about murders. The murder mystery did well onscreen and got a good box office collection. She portrayed a new side of her skill to the audience and gained all the applause. 

3. Trikal

Trikal was a movie that connects to reality. It shows the issues that a family faces for real. Soni here was a part of the lead team. It shows all those different phases that a person has to go through. Family was her huge support. This was another milestone for her and she surely raised her bars and upgraded her skill limits. 

4. Kaal Chakra

This dark comedy revealed yet a new side of Soni Razdaan. She performed her role brilliantly despite the presence of very competitive co-actors. The movie and her role were both appreciated quite much. She reached the heights of success by this point in life.

5. Sadak

A golden wing to her career and an incredible addition in the industry. It’s soon to continue as a sequel and return back in theaters. This time probably starring junior Soni i.e. her daughter Alia. 

6. Papa Kehte hai

The movie shares a tale about a girl who walks out in search of her father. She falls in love with her journey and misses her mission. Soni had an appreciable role in the film. Her art is absolutely stunning. 

7. Dobaara

Starring Raveena Tandon and Jackie Shroff in lead, the movie gave a tough task for Soni to prove herself. She did absolute justice with her role and came out quite amazing. 

8. Raazi

The most motherly part of her career. Soni showed up for a really small role in the film and among her co-actors was her daughter Alia. Alia got all her strengths on the sets and performed extremely well in the role. The movie was a super hit and was a great success for both of them. 

9. No Fathers In Kashmir

The Story is about the struggles of a teenage girl who is a British-Kashmiri. She comes back to Kashmir to search for her father. A boy named Majid helps her in this search. They start loving each other.

The story takes a turn when they get to know an age-old secret. Things worsen with time and put Majid’s life in danger. The movie had a very strong storyline. Soni played her role quite well. 

10. Patiala House

This movie is about second chances. It tells about a boy who leaves his dream for his father’s reputation. Later in his life, he meets a girl, who gives her the strength to stand for himself.

He starts with his dream again and takes this chance very seriously. Soni played a very small role but her acting was awesome. 

11. Nobleman

As the name suggests it is a story that relates to education. The plot is of a school in Mussoorie, where students are bullied by the elites. It further shows all the suffering the student has to suffer.

This movie also shows all his unfortunate life events and how he dies in the end. Soni Razdaan had a very important part of the film. She did it great and was appreciated. 

12. Dil Dosti Etc

The movie is about the attitude of teenagers towards life. It shows how they take everything very lightly and face troubles later. It has two students as lead characters. One is from a very rich background, and the other is poor. The story shows the rich boy to be the least serious and the poor one to be very focused.

But later in life, their friendship leads to many wrong decisions together. They fall in love, ruin their careers, and also face troubles at a later stage. Soni Razdaan here had a competitive yet supporting role. Her performance was beautiful. 

13. Jeevan Sandhya

This was her first movie in the industry. The movie was about a patriotic and young Indian Soldier. The boy is brave and he motivates others to work the same.

Soni Razdaan got a fair chance to showcase her talent in the film and she even did it well. She was praised a lot after it and also received various other projects. The movie gave her a golden opportunity to kick start her career. 

14. Gumrah

One of the most important movies of Soni Razdan’s career was the movie Gumrah directed by her husband Mahesh Bhatt. Gumrah is a drama film is Loosely based on the Australian miniseries Bangkok Hilton.

In the film, seeing Roshni’s talent for singing, Rahul gives her a break and they eventually fall in love. On a trip to Hong Kong, she is arrested for possession of cocaine, not knowing that it is all Rahul’s doing.

Soni’s had a small role in the movie where she was seen helping Sri Devi in prison. Soni also shared an interesting trivia while she was working in the movie and smoking cigarettes unaware of the fact that she was an expecting mother.

Apart from these, Soni has been a part of various other movies. She has had a mind-blowing career throughout. It’s not rare that Bollywood gave us extremely talented stars to be proud of and she is definitely one of them.

More of her contributions include some very interesting films like Nobleman, Daddy, No Father’s In Kashmir, Yours Truly, Love, Breakups Zindagi, Patiala House, Dil Dosti, etc, Jaan-e-man and Nazar. This was a little sneak peek into the glorious career of a very popular Diva. We hope it’s a fair bit of tribute to her talent.