13 Hilarious replies by Jackie Shroff


We all knew about the funny interactions of Jackie Shroff with the media. There’s a section on YouTube that are filled with these tickling interviews cutouts in which Jackie Shroff gave savage replies to media.

You can go through them if you love to watch Jackie Shroff being funny in all of his interviews.

He even has a word to call all the people, ‘Bidu’ is the word he used to call everyone around. However, we have created this article in the honor of Jackie Shroff and to celebrate how to tackle media easily.

Check out these 13 times Jackie Shroff with hilarious media interactions.

1. On Salman Khan twitter controversy

A reporter asked him for his analysis on Salman Khan’s twitter controversy, Jaggu dada flexed his muscles and replied, “Sab ki apni apni batien hain.. main kya analyse karun? Ek kaam kar mail me at [email protected] I’ll think about it.” Well, the whole auditorium chuckled on this.

2. Sharing the story of his first release

Jackie Shroff was telling the story about his first movie release during the trailer launch of Heropanti. He said he was sleeping peacefully when the movie hit theatres.

When people woke him up and asked him why he was sleeping he answered, “Jag ke kya kar leta? Goli nikal gaya, toh nikal gaya bidu”.

3. At the trailer launch of Housefull 3

During the trailer launch event of Housefull 3, a reporter asked him to describe all the actors in one line, his instant response was, “Tereko kuch Kaam Dhandha nahi hai kay?” Everybody in the room broke into laughter.

4. Talking about the Anil Kapoor

Jaggu dada shared a moment during the shoots of the movie Parinda. He said that Anil Kapoor has a passion for getting the right fight sequence.

He said that Anil Kapoor ended up getting 32 slaps from Jaggu Dada just to get the perfect shot.

5. On spending days when alone

Jackie Shroff had attended the Golden Rose Awards 2017 where he was seen in a white suit.

When the reporter asked him how he spends his spare time, Jaggu dada said “Aaj Kal Mai Sabzi Uga Rah ahu” and further gave details saying “gajar bajar, ratalu batata”.

6. Giving awesome birthday wishes

Dada took twitter to wish birthday to Ranbir Kapoor in his style writing, “My most favorite bhidu happiness always” followed by Hashtag Happy Birthday Ranbir Kapoor.

7. Fiery replies on asking about Tiger’s wedding

A reporter asked Jackie Shroff what he would wear in the marriage ceremony of Tiger Shroff. He replied “Abey abhi se kyun uski shaadi karwa rahe ho? Tune ki be?” In this way, the reporter got the taste of his own medicine.

8. On his style quotient

When a reporter complimented him saying “Jackie, eksum alag lag rhe ho!” He replied with “Abhi Laundry se kapde aaye na, isliye be!” Jackie Shroff is very popular for such hilarious comments now and then.

9. on his singing talent

Jackie Shroff admitted that he is also a singer. When a reporter asked him “Sir aapne kabhi gaana gaane ki koshish ki hai?” Jackie Shroff slammed the reporter by saying “Mai gaa leta hoon, bhidu. Kabhi Bathroom mein aana, gaaoonga.”

10. On saving the environment

Jaggu Dada has his style when it comes to talking. When he appealed to people for saving the environment campaign, he said “Swachh Bharat samajh lo na. Kya watt laga rela hai baithe baithe sab log?”

11. On Shah Rukh Khan’s success in Bollywood

During the press conference for Happy New Year, the reporter asked Jackie Shroff “Sir Shah Rukh Khan kitna badle hai over the years?

Jackie Shroff replied, “Bilkul nahi badla hai baba. Waise ka waisa hi hai. Which is what I tell Tiger also. Ki seekho isse. Harr baat seekhna chahiye.” Audience clapped but Jackie added, “Apne Dimaag mein Daal. Taali maar ke mat nikaal.”

12. On demonetization

In an award function, a reporter asked him a weird question, “Sir aapko lagta hai long run mein demonetization sahi hoga?” He came up with an honest answer saying “Mera bheja itna chalta toh main shayad kahin aur baithta.”

13. When he played the traffic cop off-camera

Jackie Shroff has done something unexpected when he got into the traffic of Lucknow. He was shooting for a film there but got stuck in traffic and then he came out of his SUV and started managing it.