12 Bollywood Films That showed Mumbai Like Never Before

There’s a saying that Mumbai never sleeps, and it rarely lets anyone down. The city keeps thriving every single day without taking any break even with the annual bouts of flooding monsoon and its ever-growing population.

Since Bollywood lives in Mumbai, every filmmaker tried to depict his version of the city through their movies. We have seen many movies where Mumbai has been a silent backdrop.

However, we picked out 12 best films that have shown the aspects of this dazzling city and captured the spirit of Mumbai in the best way.

1. Page 3

Page 3 is the masterpiece made by critically acclaimed director Madhur Bhandarkar. The movie is a sneak peek into the life of the film industry and journalists.

It looks like the film has held the mirror that shows the darkness of the industry hiding behind the makeup of glitz and glamour.

It discusses the harsh topics of casting couch, suicides, child abuse, and whatnot. In the nutshell, it shows every dark spot of the city.

2. Tum Mile

Tum Mile was another musical hit from Vishesh Bhatt. The movie starred Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan in the lead role.

The movie focused on the Mumbai city and the climax scene shows the infamous flood that hit Mumbai in July 2005.

3. Life In A Metro

The movie lays a question of what will happen to human connections in a city that never stops. It narrates different love stories with impelling characters throughout the movie.

4. Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon

Well, it looks like the movie is a personal story of half of the country’s population. The story of the film revolved around a small-town girl who came to Mumbai to be an actress like Madhuri Dixit.

The film focuses on the real struggle of a girl who wants to make it big in the Bollywood industry. The movie is a complete reality check.

The movie had everything from openly revealing the secrets of the film industry to the exhausting struggle people are doing in Mumbai.

5. Salaam Bombay

The whole movie was revolving around the bustling city of Bombay. The film tried hard to get an international claim and make it to the Oscars.

The movie was directed by Mira Nair and she captured the street kids, giving us a real tour through the red light area of the city.

It was the danger zone that still attracts filmmakers and writers to carve out as many stories as possible.

6. Slumdog Millionaire

The movie focuses on the lesser-known world of slums that lived in Mumbai. The area is filled with most of the city’s dwellers.

The movie is very raw and shows a different reality of the dazzling Mumbai city.

7. Citylights

Citylights is the story of a family who left their village to find happiness in Mumbai. Well, Mumbai can make your dreams come true but not without taking you through the harsh realities of life.

The city will test you and give you life lessons until you become a polished one.

8. Wake Up Sid

No doubt, the city has its gloomy side, but it is famous for welcoming the dreamers with open arms.

Well, director Ayan Mukerji shows a different Mumbai through his film Wake Up Sid.

9. Bombay Talkies

The Mumbai city holds many stories, and you can find stories at every nook and corner. The movies show you the true spirit of Mumbai where everyone is fighting a battle of their own.

The movies say everyone is a warrior and winning every single day.

10. Turning 30!!!

The Gul Panag starring Turning 30 was a subtle satire on the advertising industry living in some corner of Mumbai city silently performing its part in the background.

The movie revolves around every girl in her mid-twenties who tries to balance her career, womanhood, and relationships in the busy city.

11. Noor

Noor shows the personal journey of an aspiring journalist. The movie is a silent tutorial to develop an understanding of the city and believe in its spirit more positively.

12. Gully Boy

The recently released Gully Boy is getting love and appreciation from everyone. The movie showed the slum areas of Mumbai and their passion for rap.

The movie focused on the life of young rappers who somehow managed to change the taste of music in India.

Well, if you are planning to move to Mumbai then this article will help you to understand the city by looking at it through some best movies.