10 Mind-Boggling Facts About Mukesh Ambani You Probably Didn’t Know


India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani turned 61 this year and according to Forbes data released in March 2018, his net worth is 40.1 billion dollars. Currently the CEO and chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, Ambani was born on April 19, 1957 in Aden, Yemen. After completing his graduation and gaining a degree in chemical engineering, he enrolled at Stanford University but dropped out a year later to help his father. Mukesh Ambani joined the company in 1981 and turned it into a profit-minting firm.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the wealthiest man of India, you probably didn’t know:

Ambani was born in a lower-middle-class family and lived in a modest 2-bedroom apartment in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai. He used to travel public transportation and was barely given pocket-money in his youth.

Everyone knows about Ambani’s connection with cricket as he owns Indian Premier League franchise Mumbai Indians. But, during his school days, Mukesh Ambani used to play hockey and had also lost his interest in studies because of it.

Business tycoons Adi Godrej and Anand Mahindra were Mukesh Ambani’s school mates and are also his best friends. We guess the idiom fits perfect here-Birds of a feather flock together.

Mukesh Ambani is a teetotaler and has never tasted the alcohol in his life. He is also a pure vegetarian and a grounded person that he is, his favorite food is- Chapaati-rice-daal.

He was pursuing his MBA at the Stanford University in California and had to discontinue it in 1980 to join his father in establishing a Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) Manufacturing Plant.

Ambani is the proud owner of world’s most expensive residential property – Antilia located in South Mumbai. It has 27 stories and more than 600 staff members.

The man is so fond of cars that he reportedly owns over 168 of them. His proud collection includes BMW 760LI Mercedes-Maybach Benz S660 Guard, Aston Martin Rapide, Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Continental Flying Spur, to name a few.

The only businessman in India with Z-category security is the epitome of simplicity. Ambani has always made sure to maintain a low profile and generally wears a simple white shirt and a black pant. Not brand conscious at all, we must say!

As surprising as it is, Mukesh does not even like to celebrate his own birthday. In fact, he celebrated his 50th birthday only after his family forced him to celebrate it.

Do you know, what’s the nickname of the businessman who earns an annual salary of Rs 15 crore? Well! it’s- Muku.

His company, Reliance Industries contributes almost 5% of the total tax revenue of India. In 2017, the company had assets of 110 billion USD.

Ambani owns a customized car-bus/vanity van worth around 25 crore Indian Rupees.

Cover image credit – https://www.thehumornation.com