10 Coolest Offices Across The Globe That Would Make You Want To Quit Your Current Job


Offices can be boring and stifling and surely employees have nothing much to do there but hunch over their desktops in lonely cubicles. Thankfully, there are some of the greatest minds around which think there’s more to a corporate set up than a stereotyped interior.

From futuristic walkways to bold coloured facades, and beyond these workspaces are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also fitted with eco-friendly systems, in some examples. And why not? When our homes are tricked out with comfortable furniture, stylish decor, and the latest technology – shouldn’t our work spaces be equally lavish?

So, here we list down some of the coolest offices picked from the entire world that feel home to their employees and help make those Mondays perfectly tolerable. May be you could show this to your boss and who knows they might add up an arcade or something in your own office?! *Cheers*

Selgas Cano Architecture Office


Inventionland Design Factory




White Mountain Office



Urban Outfitters

Don’t you wish to resign and move into one of these right now?!